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Social Media


The social media space is busier and louder than ever, making it difficult to cut through the noise.

Social media can be tough and tiring, especially if you’re feeling as though you’ve lost direction or are unsure where to start.

If that’s you, then you probably need a social media strategy (trust me, they’re a blessing when you feel stuck). I’ll work with you to find your content pillars, to help me develop a detailed strategy, then if you wish I can teach you a couple of the social media basics to get you started.

Or perhaps you want to hand off responsibility of your social all together, in which case let me take that stress off you.


Who doesn’t love a pretty picture or gorgeous graphic? In fact, seeing beautifully presented information helps us to learn from and process it.

When it comes to content, you need imagery, graphics and reels that stop the scroll!

I can help you elevate your visuals through invaluable content showcasing your products and / or brand through photography and simple videography. If it’s branded graphics, product photography, Instagram Reels and IGTVs you’re looking for, get in touch.

Content Creation



Your website is the window into your business or brand, so it needs to reflect what you do and who you are.

When you look at your website does it still sound like you or has your brand and tone of voice evolved? Chances are yes, especially if you don’t regularly read through and update your site.

Sometimes, it helps to have an outsider’s perspective, I can work with you to develop and elevate your web copy, so that it truly reflects your business/brand.

As for newsletters, they’re an invaluable way to stay in touch with your clients or customers, informing them of offers, industry news and events to name a few. Again, your newsletter should embody your brand.


Do you need a hand keeping your blog up to date, or perhaps you have a story that you feel is newsworthy and you need a press release? I can help.

Great copy, when harnessed properly has the power to not only speak to your audience, but also persuade and motivate them. Whether it’s a product you’re trying to sell, a service you want to market or information you want to share, getting the right words out there is crucial.

So, if you struggle putting pen to paper, so to speak, get in touch.